The proprietor of Rhema University is equipping and readying the Living Word Mission Hospital to serve as a teaching hospital for the university.
The university currently houses an emergency unit, a surgery unit, a specialist eye clinic and more, catering for Rhema University students and the general public.

University Library

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Rhema University Library is a multimedia library, providing resources, articles, textbooks, journals and papers in hard and soft copies.
The Virtual Library collates resources from major publishers and provides access to the RU Community.
The eLibrary provides access to digital resources on the go from within the RU LAN and WiFi.

Science Laboratory


The University Labs are post graduate level equipped making it suitable for any high level research as past of our long term goal.
The Laboratories include:
• Biological Sciences Laboratory
• Chemical Sciences Laboratory
• Physical Sciences Laboratory
• Computing Sciences Laboratory
• Public Relations/Adverts Laboratory
• Accounting/Econometrics/Banking & Finance Laboratory

Rhema University has world class facilities that are equipped with the appropriate resources and machinery and tools that are available anytime for students and staff, in support of the University’s mission of learning, teaching, research, and Equipping Humanity for Excellence. Academic Support Units provide the services needed by the Administration, Faculty and Students to optimally complete their tasks and responsibilities.

Rhema FM Radio

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As part of our Mass Communication Department and the University’s Media and Communications efforts, we have a fully licensed to operate radio station covering FM range, broadcast from within the Rhema University campus in Aba.
The University Radio broadcasts programs from the university and the Living Word Ministries Intl.

Comp. Science Lab.

A section of the Computer Science Lab.

To champion the integration of ICT in learning, communications and administration, The Rhema University ICT unit fosters the use of technology through out the institution, thereby making it more efficient for members of the university community.

Farm & Poultry

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As part of our efforts to foster learning, entrepreneurship and research in the agricultural field, the university has set up a farm focusing on crops, livestock and a poultry.
The university farm is also part of the University Ventures, producing processed food for the consumption of students and the general public.