The University Chaplain occupies a unique position in Rhema University being uniquely a Christian University founded to train not just the head but also the Heart of her students, many of whom are drawn largely from diverse cultural and religious background. Many Universities in Nigeria train the head of her students but the heart, never really gets touched and trained which is the Vacuum this school – Rhema University has come to fill in the life of her students. The Chaplain in the University works to support the efforts of the Vision bearer and founder Living Word Ministries, led by Bro. Emma and Sis. Chi-Emma Okorie whose dogged faith and love for Christ is Unequalled. It is this fear of, and love for God, that this University aims at inculcating into the students and staff while promoting learning and sound moral rectitude in the school through the Chaplaincy. The Chaplain often, oversees programmes on campus that foster spiritual, ethical, religious and sound moral behavior and attitudes that enhance exchange and promotion of service.

  • The Chaplain strives to further strengthen the spirit of understanding among diverse religious groups in the campus as they relate to one another.
  • The Chaplaincy Provides a continuing fellowship for students and staff of the University all around the week beginning with daily morning devotion in hostels and offices, to fellowship on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to provide expression of convictions relative to the vital religious concerns of staff and students in the University.
  • This Office searches for solutions to common problems in the religious life of students and staff and also, for the mutual interest of all.
  • It provides means for more responsible and effective participation in religious activities with a view to improving the spiritual lives of students and staff.
  • The Chaplaincy educates the broader minds of students about the role of religion and spirituality in higher education via head and heart connection.
  • Nurturing the religious and spiritual life of students in this 21st Century is a critical part of the mission of Rhema University which is explicitly committed to developing the “TOTAL MAN “OR” “WHOLE PERSON” thereby creating global citizens.

Indeed, finding one’s own spiritual, religious and moral compass is a key component of personal discovery and well-being in Rhema University and the Chaplaincy is the life wire to this attainment.

Specifically, the Chaplaincy provides and promotes healthy spiritual and religious development for students as well as their intellectual and emotional development while here in Rhema.

  1. RELIGIOUS LIFE STRUCTURE :- The Chaplaincy is established by the University leadership and is dedicated to religious, spiritual and ethical life of the school. It is strategically placed within the University structure so as to promote effectiveness and influence in the spiritual and moral life of students while in campus. Even so, the co-ordination and liaison function for religious activities in the University rest squarely on the Chaplain whose office, creates and sustains student faith; ensures definite spiritual impact on campus through prayers, fellowship, partnerships, counseling, follow-up, baptism, foundational class etc and other activities or religious functions assigned to the school.
  2. ACCESS AND OVERSIGHT:- This office has both advocacy and oversight functions; Promotes free religious exercise and association as well as maintain discipline.
  3. RELIGIOUS PRACTICE AND INTELLECTUAL INQUIRY:- The Chaplaincy brings to bear on faith and religious practice with academic values, and translates beliefs, values and convictions born of religious study and commitment to the Living  Word Training Centre Courses and academic arena. It affirms the compatibility of religious commitment and free intellectual pursuit or values.


Personal and inter-religious encounter of many students, many of whom speak and share with the Chaplain life – changing testimonies since entering Rhema University are many and varied. Some salvation testimonies of how their lives have been transformed and changed while in Rhema.

Many have received Christ here as their Lord and Personal Saviour. Undergirding belief systems upon encounter with Christ and with other Christian students changed. Day after day, unique bridging and encouraging respect for self and gender is seen in the lives of students with hidden horrible characters upon admission in Rhema University drop them for good and better identity which motivate many students for action and interaction.

An important dimension of the institution mission is educating the “entire man” about religious, spiritual and ethical life. The Chaplaincy advocates for the total well-being of the students with special concern for their religious observance and practice.