At Rhema University, we recognize the growing divide between the number of graduates seeking jobs and the availability of employments in the job market. We have tailored our programs within our colleges of Basic and Applied Sciences, Management and Social Sciences, to incorporate entrepreneurship training. Our accredited degree programs are designed to drive self learning and innovation.

We are in the process of constructing and facilitating a university hospital which house modern medical facilities in line with our determination programs in medical and health sciences.




The facilities available at Rhema University allow for Student, Faculty and Specialist Research in the areas of Biological, Chemical, Physical and Medical Research. We encourage collaboration within our community as well as open our doors to professional and specialists who are in need of an environment for research.

We believe that the contributions that research will add to the quality of lives within our immediate community and region cannot be measured. We currently faced with several health and medical challenges that can be solved if proper research can be done.