academic planning

Rhema University was borne out of a genuine desire to establish a first class tertiary institution that will promote academic excellence and the dignity of man. The relevance of the University to the immediate community and the nation, as well as its reputation among the University community worldwide, depends greatly, not only on the quantity but also on the quality and degree of applicability of the research which is successfully carried out at the University. Rhema University is, therefore, devoted to purposeful basic and applied research that is geared towards academic enrichment and social development.

The comprehensive level of academic and professional training the University provides is an important element of efforts made to meet the social and economic needs of the nation. The importance of research stems from its function as a major determinant of and catalyst for growth and development of any nation.

To meet the continuous need for vibrant and sound academic experiences and foundations for the future global leaders remains the responsibility of the faculty and staff of the University. The members of the faculty of Rhema University have received premium postgraduate training and expertise in various areas of research and education from reputable institutions in and outside Nigeria. Each faculty member brings a wealth of ideas, innovations for education and vibrant energy, making the University a citadel of higher education.

To train these leaders, Rhema University has continued to excel in various discipline and poised to:

  1. become a repository of ideas and innovations available and accessible to all stakeholders,
  2. pioneer new frontiers in various areas of research and education, and
  3. provide capacity building for individual, state and national development.