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EDUCATING THE HEAD AND THE HEART: Education in the present world is all about acquiring knowledge in certain fields of study. This has been proven inadequate for the development of the total man since only the head goes to school and the heart is not involved.To understand this from God’s perspective: man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. In other words, man is a trinity. The spirit of a man connects with God; the soul and mind of a man connects to the intellect and emotions while the body connects to the physical world......Bro.Emma Okorie,Ph.D (Chancellor, Rhema University Nigeria



Rhema University, Nigeria is hosting the 2017 SIWES Fourth Quarter Zonal Meeting for SIWES Directors and Co-ordinators in Aba zone....

Punch Nigeria Limited Donates Books To The University

Punch Nigeria Limited has made a donation of books to the University. The books are for the promotion of functional...

Rhema Education Exhibition

Rhema University held her Educational Exhibition on Wednesday 10th , May 2017 at the University Auditorium. The purpose of the...

Approval Of The Extension Of Linkage Programme.

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria has given approval for the expansion of its scope to cover Accounting, Business...


Cultural Day

Nigeria is a country rich in culture, having 36 states...

Students’ week

Football Match

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